Linux acting strange

2022.01.21 16:29 keechy1231 Linux acting strange

Hi all, sorry for the long one....
I'm fairly new to the linux scene, been learning on and off for last few months but recently took the plunge and installed majaro on my laptop and it's been great.
Also since getting back into linux I have started to learn on some skills on tryhackme. I installed a Kali VM on my laptop using virtualbox and all was good until very recently.
I decided randomly one day to change my main ip range of my internal network to 10.10.10.x and my second network which I use for IOT devices to 10.10.1.x.
Ever since changing my ips my vpn to the tryhackme server has broken. I had a workaround which worked for a few weeks but stopped working last night. So I decided to try to remove my old vm and make a new one, but when trying to run 'apt update' it got stuck on getting headers.
Also a few days ago I wanted to start playing around with Ubuntu agqin so I installed a vm on my NAS but when trying to update it would hang on 'getting headers' and then fail to update. I thought it had something to do with truenas but when it happened on my manjaro virtual box I assume now it has something to do with my recent changes to my network?
I probably need to add that the laptop is using WiFi and the truenas box is connected via ethernet.
My router is provided by my ISP and all devices on my home network work correctly and can connect to the Internet.
Not really sure what I have broken but something isn't right. I'm not 100% sure it is to do with my recent ip changes but I can't think of any other changes I have done recently....
If anyone can help I would be very grateful
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2022.01.21 16:29 girasolecism Women who climb and have been pregnant, how do you keep up your strength/skills for 9 months without climbing?? What was it like when you got back into it?

I just started climbing 6 months ago and I love it. The only thing is it is so punishing, any kind of significant break sets me back noticeably.
I’m v2-v4 right now but I just found out I’m pregnant and my doctor doesn’t want me climbing because of the risk of falling. I plan to hang board and do weights as long as I can, but if any of you have tips or advice about getting back into climbing after being pregnant I’d love to hear it.
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2022.01.21 16:29 sulylunat Atmos CarPlay Improved?

I’m currently in my car listening to music and realised Atmos is on because of the slightly lower volume. However, it doesn’t seem nowhere near as low as it used to be. It actually seems listenable in the car now at high speeds whereas before Atmos used to get drowned out for me by road noise.
Has anyone else noticed this or has there been any patch notice of an improvement? I had to second guess whether I had it on or not just now whereas before it was a dead giveaway and Atmos was set to off because I couldn’t use it in the car.
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2022.01.21 16:29 WildPeony22 Gas stoves ? Yay or nay ?

The plan is to bring gas line to our kitchen and replace our old stove with gas one. I been reading about gas stoves and it appears to be they are quiet dangerous and release all kind of chemicals from burning gas while cooking which is not good especially for small children . And I have 2 small kids. I didn't know gas stoves make nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and formaldehyde (HCHO) 😳🤔. Are the really that bad ? The other thing I'm worry about is that our kitchen is in the middle of the house and I don't think I ll be able to have ducted range hood. So I'm not sure if it worth it or not. What's everyone opinion about this ?
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2022.01.21 16:29 sniperjuf (Ps4 price check) Windigo Tube and Windigo Colossus Plushie Plans

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2022.01.21 16:29 LilMissLinNim [Matt Reeves on Twitter] ANNND… finally qc’d the movie in stunning #DolbyVision with absolutely astonishing #DolbyAtmos sound. Thank you, @Dolby , for blowing my mind! Can't wait for people to see #TheBatman in #DolbyCinema!

[Matt Reeves on Twitter] ANNND… finally qc’d the movie in stunning #DolbyVision with absolutely astonishing #DolbyAtmos sound. Thank you, @Dolby , for blowing my mind! Can't wait for people to see #TheBatman in #DolbyCinema! submitted by LilMissLinNim to TheBatmanFilm [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 16:29 burgundybastard A book with a hollow-ish tree in the centre of a clearing in a forest

So I read this book from a school library and have no hopes of finding it... I don't remember the title, but I do know that the maincharacters were a brother and a sister, both of comparable ages, nearly 10 to 14. There was a tree in a forest that they considered their hiding place and often visited. I think there was an element of child abuse too, but I'm not too sure.
Anybody know which book this is?
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2022.01.21 16:29 genshinfantasy7 Blacksun Request - Modern Style. [SamJadeHarley]

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2022.01.21 16:29 Brooklyn_J Should I update to Android 12 or wait?

I'm seeing a lot of posts from people who updated and now need advice for all the new bugs and battery issues that result. In order to "fix" them, some people are saying to turn off 5G, turn off 120 hz, turn off animations, turn off Bluetooth when you're not using it, etc. I want to see the new features in Android 12, but these seem like pretty big concessions to me. Even needing to do one of those things would make me regret updating.
My S20 FE 5G (Snapdragon) works perfectly. Battery life is great. My Galaxy Watch 4 works seamlessly with it. I'm living the Samsung dream. Should I risk updating right now or wait?
For comments: If wait, how long? Til One UI 4.1 or just a February update?
View Poll
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2022.01.21 16:29 AegorBlake Where to start in the 40k Universe

I am looking at reading 40k books. Where is a good place to start? I am asking this because this universe looks more complicated than the fate universe.
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2022.01.21 16:29 pussnboofin Is there an event for every DLC chapter?

Been playing for a little over a year and realized I haven’t noticed any Greymore related events.
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2022.01.21 16:29 Nuukens Enough of Wild Rift

I've got enough of this game. Literally unplayable at the moment.
Any good games you guys can recommend playing?
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2022.01.21 16:29 Old_Influence1240 Who got that video of cj goon getting sturdy in jail to Kay flock touch the ground 😭 my bad yall I seen it on tik tok last night but the girl deleted the vid shoulda recorded it

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2022.01.21 16:29 opserioul My college submission almost 7 years ago

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2022.01.21 16:29 theramstoss Last probe rushes stream viewer challengers
When a viewer suggests that it's easier to attack than defend, he switches races.
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2022.01.21 16:29 iheartcooler The crucifixion of the Colonel 🍗

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2022.01.21 16:29 Ontrevant Help popping up frisbee timing

I pretty well have all the mechanics down, but popping the Frisbee up to charge is my biggest weakness. It says to hit b right before you catch, but my dude doesn't slap it up. Anyone have some useful tips or tricks?
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2022.01.21 16:29 sol1869 The Global Warming Question that can Change [People's Minds]

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2022.01.21 16:29 RainyMW Interlocking Fraliens (HOGS) by Warnation Coils

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2022.01.21 16:29 Cherrynotop Tips on using Tarte eyeshadow formula

Once I get it all blended and set on my eyes the shadows look awesome, but for some reason it takes me a very long time to blend their formula? I might just be spoiled bc I use almost exclusively Too Faced eye shadow (the good formula palettes) which is very blendable. I think Tarte is a lot creamier, does anyone have advice on using this formula? (I usually don’t use eyeshadow primer bc I have hooded eyes and the primer ends up messing up my eyeshadow so that could be my problem).
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2022.01.21 16:29 YetiCouple My handsome void, Stinky

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2022.01.21 16:29 DarkWolf8956 Stunt Double Johnny Cage

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2022.01.21 16:29 transzient You're late

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2022.01.21 16:29 operator139 slowly dying of a broken heart

slowly dying of a broken heart
it's suffocating, ripping me apart
each day I wake a new start
the dagger digs deep within my parts
i'll never know what i meant to you
I'll never know what you really meant
one day it was I love you
The next you're done and spent
I'm falling apart, please give my pieces
The fragments you stole from me...
Hah. You never did all those years ago
That's what led me back to this insanity
I'm never going to get over this.
My therapist says you were a lesson
$140 an hour and that's all she mentions
What the fuck. You made my heart a prison
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