Living with a Wheat Allergy

2021.12.06 15:49 Sunshine_Lover_621 Living with a Wheat Allergy

Hi friends, I am working on a research project for NYU to learn more about how people deal with the challenges of having a wheat allergy. I personally have a strong sensitivity to wheat, and I would love to interview you or the person you may know over a simple phone conversation or a Zoom chat. Please let me know through chat if you know of someone that would be interested in sharing his/her experiences. My goal is to speak with 10 individuals by this Thursday, 12/9. I appreciate your help!
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2021.12.06 15:49 Zeb_Funkbutter Watch Hilarious Game Show 'PRISON BREAK'
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2021.12.06 15:49 cicada-man [ALL] I'm curious, what do some of you not like about True Colors?

For context, I watched an LP of the first game back in the day, I skipped the 2nd one, and True Colors is the first one I actually played, and it left a big impact on me, I love it. I like it a lot better than the first. I don't think the game is perfect. I think there could have been a lot more choice and more diverse endings. I think Ryan had a lot of potential that unfortunately got wasted. I wish the game would have been longer so we could have spent more time with the really great characters. I don't think Alex was as interesting as Max.
But that is where my gripes with this game end, and my gripes with the first game are more plentiful. The first game I considered a guilty pleasure, because while the characters and writing were cringy at times, it was was obvious that that was at least to some extent intentional, so with that game, I felt like I was watching 2 teenagers being well...teenagers while trying to solve a mystery. That was part of what made it good, how real those two felt good and bad. I can't count how many times I internally groaned at Max being preachy, or Chloe doing...just about anything, but there was something I liked about them too. I think Chloe was supposed to represent that shitty friend a lot of us had growing up, but inside her is a human being who knows somewhere deep down that she's wrong, and i genuinely loved the part where she puts Arcadia Bay before her own life at the end.
With the third game however, I just liked the characters, no strings attached. There was nothing I hated about them. I did say I didn't find Alex as interesting as Max, but she has a really powerful character arc, and I loved seeing her help people out. Steph was everything Chloe could have been. Without a doubt the funniest character in the game and also the coolest. Gets angry at you for choosing Ryan, but gets over it. A bit reckless, but not enough to constantly put herself in harms way. Instead of manipulating you, using you as a weed scapegoat, and being a general piece of shit, she is actually there for you and everyone around her. Duckie is probably my favorite character in the entire game, I always looked forward to seeing what weird stuff would come out of his mouth. I also really liked Jeb as a character, with all his layers, and considered him my favorite until he turned out to be a monster. Gabe was great for what little time he was on screen. Not many people will come back from the dead to give you a life lesson and be so ridiculously casual about it that they say "So? Lot's of people are dead Alex, most people."
And really, in general the writing is so much better. One example is in the first game, Max goes back in time and texts incriminating evidence over insecure communication to a super paranoid man who barely knows her and didn't tell anyone he was looking into what she sent him evidence for, and she gets away with it. In True Colors, the gang come up with a stupid plan to steal a usb drive, and everything that could go wrong goes wrong, and when Alex is brought in for questioning, the cop asks her "What did you expect?" That was much funnier than it should have been for that reason.
And I honestly thought Jeb was a much better villain than Mr. Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson was a character that the writers tried to make so evil and detestable that he came off as cartoonish. He felt like an unrealistic movie serial killer. Jeb on the other hand had nothing but human reasons for being a horrible person. The scene where Alex calls him out on his bullshit and brings him tears was to me the most powerful moment in the whole game. The cherry on top however, was that everything Alex did had a purpose. She didn't have to reset the world to save everyone at the cost of making at least half the stuff that happened in that game happen for nothing.
So I'm curious, what did some of you not like about True Colors?
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2021.12.06 15:49 Juh47hudisdababy All hell naw son.E.X.E is going to kill swedwe

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2021.12.06 15:49 hesonnfire [HARD] Young Thug x Future Trap Type Beat "Sensei" [hesonnfire]

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2021.12.06 15:49 sKeLz0r [BUG] Crowning achievement not recording streak properly.

This is how it looks in the locker and this is how it looks in game and lobby .
I have double checked in every game mode and the emote shows 0 wins no matter how many you have in your current streak, only the locker shows it properly. Also if IIRC there are an achievement for doing a win with a crown, got nothing in both wins.
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2021.12.06 15:49 huirizal Is the Huawei D15 good for modded Minecraft and school?

The seller at the store I visited said that it is, but I’ve been reading articles that give mixed reviews about the product. Should I purchase it?
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2021.12.06 15:49 zasafram123123 Which ammo is better?

I’m getting mentally ready for the new wipe in about a week an was reading up on ammo. I like to run the 7.62 vpo early game over the sks with (ps ammo obviously), but I saw the stats on the .336 TKM Eko, and it actually looked pretty comparable. Since the VPO can also be chambered in this caliber, and both ammo types and weapons are available with level one traders, i was wondering which ammo type you all believe is better for early wipe leveling… the .336 TKM eko, or 7.62x39 PS.
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2021.12.06 15:49 athens619 Any legal action or was this lawful?

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2021.12.06 15:49 Stykko E dall'aula 420 è tutto

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2021.12.06 15:49 Redstatelefty I don't have great ambitions that will be satisfied by labor

Ya know...I'm not struggling to get by or anything, and I work relatively hard, nowhere near as hard as others, but I resent the idea that I should have some great ambition for a job that pays $70k. I know it's much better than minimum wage and I'm grateful for the opportunity, but people in my industry act like you can be fulfilled as a person by slaving away at just some fucking job.
I dont have some great need that only toiling away at a "career" can soothe. Im not going to be a happy, more fulfilled person by busting my ass to get bonuses taking me up to $80k a year. I resent the idea that I should be so grateful for $70k that I'm willing to make huge sacrifices of my time and mental energy.
I'm surrounded by older people in my office who actually put in 60 hour work weeks to advance and to rise through the ranks. They either don't have kids or borderline ignore their family.
I dont think I have much of a point to this...I just needed to vent and say how annoyed I am that if I don't have some great ambition for office e work that I'm not worth thinking about.
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2021.12.06 15:49 qoheletal What's up with AwkwardTurtle? There are always posts coming up but what's the story?

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2021.12.06 15:49 roboteater23 Sentence To React

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2021.12.06 15:49 GabsterGS ¡Hola abejas, les dejamos este video que esperemos les sea de ayuda!

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2021.12.06 15:49 Justaphotographer- My friends don’t like my haircut

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2021.12.06 15:49 pursuingbetterment How to speed up sellers solicitor?

NOTHING is being done on their side. It’s been 15 working weeks since I went under offer and they are not even replying to basic enquiries and emails.
What can I do here? We have emailed them directly, we are pushing the estate agent to keep chasing them but still they are doing nothing.
Is there a trade body or anything we can report them to? Is there anything that will scare/embarrass them into actually doing some work?
Going to also get in touch with the seller directly to try and get them to change their solicitor as quite honestly it’s been absolutely shambolic so far.
Rant over :) thanks for any help peeps!
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2021.12.06 15:49 Ashamed_Extreme_5093 I love Katiana Kay tits !!!

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2021.12.06 15:49 tengrrl Job: Lecturer in Writing, Babson College

Dear Colleagues,

Babson College invites applications for a full-time Lecturer in Writing (NTT, 3/3 teaching load) position:

Applications are due January 15. Feel free to reach out with questions.


Stephen J. McElroy
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition
Director of the Writing Program
Arts and Humanities Division
Babson College

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2021.12.06 15:49 Andle_Randle Does anyone else have those times where a depiction of people in a romantic relationship is just so fluffy and pure you're like 'wow, I wish I could have something like that'

I was reading a book and there was a depiction of a romantic relationship that was just so pure and fluffy it made me long for a relationship like that. And honestly it kinda surprised me because I'm always quite happy being aro and have never wanted a relationship. Anyone else have similar feelings when they see depictions of really sweet things in romantic relationships?
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2021.12.06 15:49 Donovan69420 Lagpex legends

So apparently when my wifi fucks my around and I get kicked out of a ranked game I get a penalty. For what reason is that? I can't help that.
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2021.12.06 15:49 coudik PROSTREET Battle machine MX-5 IRL!

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2021.12.06 15:49 rosso340 Masks in schools after vaccinations

I'm sure I've missed lots of previous discussions about masks in schools on here in the past year but it's only this school year I've had opinions on them.
As a parent of school kids I'm wondering what both parents and people in general think of masks in schools at this point? I consider Ottawa pretty cautious in general: currently in OCDSB kids wear them both inside and outside, and most school boards in Ottawa have put in place rules that are stricter than what the Province has mandated.
To me once most children have had their second vaccine dose, it makes sense to start removing some of the rules at the very least for outdoor play. I know I've spoken to many parents who feel the same but I'm not sure if that's just within my own bubble? Aside from people who never wanted masks to begin with, I'm wondering how people think the masking in schools should end given coronavirus seems like it will be here for a while...
Thought this article summarized a lot of the issues from my perspective at least:
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2021.12.06 15:49 jstaobsrvr SHIBA SHIBA SHIBA

Hey does anybody think that Shiba is a good long-term play right now? It’s been getting hammered lately and based on my idiot brain and monkey analysis is starting to look more and more appealing. A lot of my colleagues have been very successful day trading this over the past two months… I am more inclined to get in for the long-haul. If anyone wants to share why this is a horrible idea for me… Fire away please.
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2021.12.06 15:49 SiletheSilent Hengeshaper Druid

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2021.12.06 15:49 tommyboi3888 Boarding

What's better IS boarding or OOS boarding and why? Also can i get some good warship recommendations? Only ships i don't want to use are the paranid just because i think they are ugly.
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