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Looted and left in an English garden, the goat goddess can return to India | Art theft

2021.12.06 15:30 ClassicFlavour Looted and left in an English garden, the goat goddess can return to India | Art theft

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2021.12.06 15:30 PruningPuzzledPlants Double potted plant from Walmart

I bought a plant from Walmart that had the usual plastic pot within a ceramic decorative pot. Within a week I noticed the roots were coming out the bottom of the plastic pot so I repotted the plant. Plant started to die, couldn’t figure it out and decided to repot again with all new soil and that’s when I found a surprise. They had the plants in 2 little pots that they replanted into a bigger plastic pot…why? The poor plant was root bound twice, I didn’t know what I initially thought was a root ball covered in dirt had 2 tiny pots inside. Never seen this before, is that common?
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2021.12.06 15:30 LongboardingDuck Had the best dream ever last night where it turned out my great grandparents owned an ocean themed house before they died and I got to live there.

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2021.12.06 15:30 erer1243 Currently, it's December 6, 2021 at 01:30PM

Currently, it's December 6, 2021 at 01:30PM
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2021.12.06 15:30 Arnadus ⚠[GODZ] ⬇ Cryptogodz -15.79% in 1 hour.-37.23% in 24 hours . Volume +1.21% in 1 hour

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2021.12.06 15:30 stevetulloch04 My son snuggling my roommates dog (don't tell him that though lol).

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2021.12.06 15:30 Cerealzoozz Please help. PTSD? Narcissistic?

I need serious help. How do you know if your partner is a narcissist?
I feel like I’m going crazy. Back story, my husband and I have been married for 4 years. I love him. He’s a great husband and date, but emotionally I’m going fucking crazy from our relationship.
It’s like I walk around on egg shells. He gets irritated and mad over things that most people wouldn’t make a big deal over. For instance, our son spit up and I wanted to wipe his face. My husband said wait a minute he may spit up more….I told him no like I’m just wiping his face??? He got so mad.
I told him his controlling, but he doesn’t ever look at his actions and see that there’s anything wrong. I know I’m not perfect, but I always try to make sure he’s happy and if he’s not, I really try to understand where he’s coming from but lately it’s like we are just on totally different pages.
He’s a Veteran and has been through a lot. I know he’s suffers silently from PTSD. Could this be why he lashes out? How can I help him? Us? Myself?
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2021.12.06 15:30 Tantrano2077 A merry Christmas from the beautiful bearded lady at the whitespring resort! Mod coming to PC players this Holiday season! 🎄🎄Look out for more information in the future!

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2021.12.06 15:29 Matt1318 DIY Collective is now complete, works really well and feels great. Very happy with it. Few more refinements I want to make but for now it's good to go. Feel free to message me if you want any advice, this has been so simple to make.

DIY Collective is now complete, works really well and feels great. Very happy with it. Few more refinements I want to make but for now it's good to go. Feel free to message me if you want any advice, this has been so simple to make. submitted by Matt1318 to hotas [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 15:29 diordagoon [translation] can anyone help me translate this for me please ‎جنیر

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2021.12.06 15:29 Polarhero57 ken carson (2021)

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2021.12.06 15:29 Strange_Lavishness_3 Most beautiful candles !!!

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2021.12.06 15:29 Aureolux Colorful Stage release time: December 7 at 22:00 UTC (see tweet for selected time zones)

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2021.12.06 15:29 soreadytodisappear I tried delta 8 then got a job interview

I took half a delta 8 Gummi last Thursday. I had a job interview today and they did an oral drug test. What are my chances of passing? Has this happened to you?
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2021.12.06 15:29 MisterLongWolf Most interesting Brawler/thug/streetfighting based class/subclass?

Going to be starting in a 5e campaign (normal forgotten realms type world) and my character is going to be from an organized crime ring in a populated city. DM is totally cool with homebrew and I was looking to see if any more experienced players knew of any good thug/bruisebrawler type class/subclasses? I was thinking it would be a fighter subclass but I'm open to ideas! Thanks!
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2021.12.06 15:29 RobertEmmetsGhost On this day in 1961, Marxist philosopher, revolutionary and psychiatrist Frantz Fanon died. (Link is to Fanon's most famous work, The Wretched of the Earth)

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2021.12.06 15:29 breathchaser Tattoo YHWH

I want to get a tattoo of the tetragrammaton YHWH, and was wondering if these letters are the correct ones + if anyone have the right spelling in hebrew?
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2021.12.06 15:29 livelife358 Feedback on Chapter 1 of My Book

Hey everyone! I'm writing a book currently that I would love some feedback on. I'm not going to spoil the contents of it yet as I plan to keep writing and evolving the story as I post my progress here. I just generally want some feedback on my first chapter. Is it a good start you think? Would love any and all feedback. Thank you!
I Fear the Gods, For They Are Here on Earth Chapter 1: Why was it all so beautiful? Kane wondered to himself as the sun with all its red hues slowly fell while the moon took its place. Kane traced the rim of his hand-painted mug, but his trance was broken by a colorful whisp that flew in front of his eyes: a butterfly. “Mommy look!” a young child behind him exclaimed to her mother with a beautiful innocence that he wished could last a lifetime. The mother indulged and admired the pink wings of the seemingly rare creature. Kane couldn’t help but smile a little at such an equally rare scene. As he admired the sight, he felt a hand slowly rest upon his own. “You keep staring hard enough, you’re going to end up on a watch list,” Salene said with a smirk across her face. Kane turned and chuckled. “I think out of the two of us, I’m the least likely to end up on a watch list,” Kane retorted playfully. “The only thing I’d end up on a watch list for is having the fattest ass in all of Zone Four.” “Please, you can barely outdo Mr. Mosiah, and he’s seventy-three.” Kane was immediately filled with regret as a sugar packet landed forcefully between his eyes. He flinched with surprise, but – as he saw Salene’s smile begin to crack – he couldn’t help but laugh with her. Both of their cheeks were warm to the touch as their laughter echoed throughout the café. As they settled down, they couldn’t help but admire each other from across the table. His eyes were glued to hers as if they were his only lifeline. He could drown in her sea of green for hours, and it would feel like minutes. Though they were both enjoying this moment, Salene was the first to break. “So, did you ask off from the A.D.A. tomorrow? I wanted to have a day for us since I don’t really get to see you that much. It’s even worse because my parents are gone for the fifth time, and you still aren’t over. That’s literally every boyfriend’s big dream.” “Yeah, maybe in high school, but not now with the Administration. If I get behind, you know I won’t get the position I’ve been wanting for so long. Plus, you already know Ms. Metis would hand me my ass in a lunch sack,” Kane said almost cringing at the idea of Ms. Metis angry. “Just invite her along at this point. I’m sure she’d love to binge watch Game of Thrones with us. She’s really old, so I’m sure she’d really enjoy watching Jon Snow if you catch my drift.” Kane smiled again, but his shoulders felt heavy. The very thought of not getting into the Ares division sent chills down his spine. Salene, reading him like a horror novel, decided to take some of that load off his shoulders. “Well, I am for sure not watching it alone with Ms. Metis. What if she gets turned on by Jon Snow? Huh? Then I’m stuck with a horny, thousand-year-old lady and no boyfriend.” Kane’s heart began to feel warm again as the edges of his mouth curled upward. His shoulders relaxed as he began to look at his watch. It was time for him to walk her home. Without missing a beat, she sighed between her smile and stood up gathering her belongings in one fell swoop. He smiled, grabbing her hand as he walked toward the door. Mr. Mosiah, with his characteristically wide smile, waved at them both as they walked out of Kathy’s café. As the door opened, Kane’s foot was met with a soggy thud. He looked down to notice his own reflection within a puddle at the front door. As his eyes moved upward, the rain began to fall harder. The sky was now masked with a dull grey. Whatever was left of the sunset now hid behind the clouds. Salene smiled and began to reach into her backpack. “How romantic,” she said as her umbrella had taken shape over them. Kane smiled once more as they began their trek back home. As they moved past the window of the café, Kane caught a glimpse of the same whisp as before. The butterfly that once flew so diligently was now a mangled mess on the dusty windowsill, its pink wings ripped like worn drapes. A lone dragonfly hovered above it, as if admiring its kill, before flying off toward more cover from the rain. His eyes grew soft at the scene. Salene glanced at him with concern, but he turned forward and continued to walk her home.

As gritty as the downtown was that they walked through, they always managed to smile on the way back to her apartment. The endless rows of gray architecture and stereotypically dark alleyways never managed to weigh on them. Even the herd of skinny, black cats outside of her apartment complex purred with excitement as they walked by. As they reached the stairs to get to the front door, they paused. “You ready?” Salene asked with a tone more serious than anything he’d heard before. 
“I’ve been training for this, of course I’m ready,” Kane responded with such confidence even Salene felt prepared. Salene quickly jumped on Kane’s back. As he heard the beep of Salene’s watch, his feet moved as if he had no ownership of them. Flight after flight, his heart thumped faster and faster. After several seconds, his feet finally came to a halt at an opaque, blue door. “Wow, eleven seconds flat this time. That’s a new record,” Salene said as she leaped off his back. With her hands still clamped to his shoulders, he felt the soft touch of her lips against his neck. “That was impressive. Maybe I should move up to the fourth floor instead to give you an actual challenge.” “You trying to kill me before my fitness assessment Friday?” Before she could get a word out, the door cracked open as a small pair of eyes peaked through it. Salene smiled as she peered back at the small figure through the cracked door. “I guess he wants me inside. See you at Kathy’s tomorrow after work again, right?” “As always. I couldn’t miss seeing Mr. Mosiah for the world,” Kane said through his smirk. Salene’s nose scrunched through a fake scowl as she opened the door. Before he turned to leave, her mouth formed his favorite three words. He smiled, saying the same three words as his feet skipped along the stairwell. As his foot landed on the last step, and heard the door shut behind him, his smile began to lose form. He let out a sigh as he took a right and began marching toward the shopping district, toward home. The steel sky, now taking shape around the moon, weighed heavy over the city as he walked. Despite the drizzle, the shopping district was beaming. He counted at least seven families milling about the dim street lights and rickety food stands. The street performers were in full swing as always. The bronze man, who sat on the corner near the fruit section, was forever frozen in his cross-legged pose. Though the paint was clearly leaking off his body, he made no motion to correct it. Even the violinist on the opposite side of the bench continued to play his usual piece of music: Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. Even though it was clear he only knew the one piece, Kane couldn’t help but smile as every note echoed throughout the alleyways surrounding him. After several steps, Kane’s ears picked up a familiar voice from his right. As he peered down the dark alleyway, his eyes made out the image of the same little girl from the café with her mom. Almost as giggly as she was about the butterfly, her arms moved upward, reaching for a large figure in the void of night. This figure was hard for Kane to make out, as it was just outside of the halo of light the singular lamppost gave off. The long figure seemingly kneeled to attempt to match the height of the little girl while reaching into what seemed to be an old top hat. A rose attached to a white-gloved hand appeared in the light directly in front of the girl. The little girl squealed with such innocent glee that one could have mistaken that very rose for a diamond ring. She quickly took the rose and turned around to indulge her mother once again. Her mother, with a soft expression, smiled through the evident bags under her eyes. The girl’s small hands met her mothers, and they were off into the darkness of the alleyway. Kane’s mouth gently rested once more into a soft smile. Several seconds after the two had left, the figure awkwardly stepped into the light. The figure, with his back turned toward Kane, waved his gloved hand at the little girl and her mother. The image his eyes perceived was hard to process. Even from behind, this figure seemed much larger than a normal human, and its tattered top hat only added to that effect. The darkness of its suit almost helped it blend completely into the night. Kane had heard that a stilted man had recently shown up as a performer in the Zone Four Shopping District, so his shoulders relaxed a little. However, before Kane’s foot could even begin to shuffle away from the alley, the figure’s entire body shifted like a spinning top toward Kane. Kane’s brows rested awkwardly on his face as he began to scan its body. This performer was wearing an odd white mask with these comical, Rorschach splotches that seemed to be trying to escape its eyeholes. Though it made Kane uneasy, his shoulders stayed slumped. The performer reached its slender, white gloved hand up, fixed its crimson tie, and then waved back and forth at him. Kane waved back in response, smiled, and continued to walk forward into the night. A chill snaked its way throughout his back, but his eyes stayed glued straight ahead. The darkness of the night wrapped its hands around the dingy apartments filled with only the few that remained in this part of Zone Seven. No wonder so many called it “The Ghost District of the Seventh”. Though, Kane couldn’t help but think there was more to that name than people let on. As Kane continued to move forward, the moonlight broke through a singular dark cloud in the sky revealing a singular rose on the ground. It pulled Kane’s attention as if it had its own gravitational pull. Kane’s lips couldn’t help but to form a smile. Something so beautiful lying in a place so devoid of color was truly ironic. Though Kane’s hands seemed to twitch as he stared, he gritted his teeth, turned, and allowed his legs to carry him away toward the street ahead, toward home.
The wooden steps groaned as his feet met their frame. Tension grew in his spine as body moved inch by inch by inch. Though it seemed as if the house itself was telling him to turn around, his body plunged forward and through the doorway. “I’m home,” Kane said almost regrettably. Nothing met his words until his ears picked up the familiar sound of a mug hitting the table. Only one light seemed to be on in the kitchen around the corner of the dusty, beige wall. As he moved toward the kitchen, he caught a figure out of the corner of his eye sitting silently at the side of the table. “You always gotta stay out this late?’ the figure said with a defeated sigh. “You know Salene and I always go to Kathy’s after I work mother,” Kane said matter-of-factly. She just sat there, her hands gripping her favorite “I’m an A.D.A. Wife” mug. “So, once you get this job, you gonna get an apartment finally?” “Seems like you want me to move out pretty bad huh?” Kane retorted. “No, it’s just what you’ve been wanting,” she said nonchalantly. She then proceeded to take a sip of the hot tea as if she didn’t care to even register what he was going to say next. The bags under her eyes didn’t help. Kane turned toward the cabinet only to find it empty once more. “You really drink what was left of the Bourbon again?” Kane asked annoyed. “You mean our bourbon” “It’s not our Bourbon if I Barely get to drink any of it.” “That’s your fault. You’re always away at that ridiculous fucking internship.” “It’s not fucking ridiculous. I’m doing this for everyone, including you. It’s the reason we can even afford this shit in the first place” Kane said as he motioned toward the house. He was about ready to erupt. She knew exactly what buttons to press. “We’ll see where that gets you then,” she said almost corpse-like. With that, Kane snapped. Luckily his mind had enough self-control for him to bite his tongue. Instead, he shifted his entire body toward the stairwell and allowed his legs to carry him away toward his bedroom. Once inside, his heel slammed the door shut behind him. “Twenty-four fucking years old and still treated like an ape,” Kane whispered to himself. If he said that to her, she’d probably say something like “It’s probably because you’re naïve like a child.” She’d always retort. Her husk of a mind wouldn’t let you get the last word, no matter how weak she looked. As Kane’s face contorted back to normal, his eyes fixed on the picture frame that held his father. The image was fading, but you could still make out a little Kane hanging onto his father’s bicep as he lifted him up. He smiled. He brushed the frame to the side as he sat his work bag on his desk. The dark grey of his walls encompassed his room as the night did. Kane slowly moved the sheets over as his lips released a sigh that echoed throughout the room. He took in the empty void that was barely filled with a desk, a lamp, and his bed. Such a prison for a place that’s meant to feel like home. As the night began to grow, his eyes grew heavy. The sheets were cold that night.
Kane woke up early that morning purely out of habit. Half the time, the alarm clock never performed its ritual. The black suit he always wore stuck to him as if it was a parasite. Luckily, this is one of the few parasites he loved. As he tied his crimson tie in a traditional Windsor knot, Kane stared at the picture of his father. Once more, he was able to smile. Quickly, he wrapped his work bag around his arm and walked down the stairwell delicately. Kane’s stomach never seemed to crave breakfast, so he nabbed a granola bar from the cabinet. As he reached the doorway of his house, his mouth formed the words “I’m heading out”, but they just wouldn’t budge. He gritted his teeth and stepped through the opaque doorway out into the steel sky that oddly still hung overhead. Despite this, he continued to walk back down the path he had gone the night before. Even with the chance of rain, he refused to turn back for his umbrella. The dingy apartments that lined the streets on his walk seemed to lean over him today. It’s as if they came alive just to watch him. As he entered the shopping district, he was met with the loudest silence he had ever heard. The bronze man that once sat there was no where in sight. The violinist no longer filled the streets with the same old piece. Not even the man on stilts was to be seen. Its as if the entire shopping district turned into its own mini ghost district. Kane’s visible confusion was met with a familiar color out of the corner of his eyes. The rose that had lay there previously remained exactly as it had last night. Its thorns waved to Kane, attempting to coax him over. Though his hands twitched once more, Kane’s legs pulled him away again. It was then that he began to hear the murmurs. As he turned the corner around a fruit shopping cart where the only thing left were decaying apples, he spotted where the murmurs were originating from. About a hundred yards ahead, his eyes made out the image of three A.D.A. agents standing around red caution tape that wrapped like vines around the scene. Though he was this far away, he managed to make out what had happened. There, inside the endless, snaking, red tape lied the little girl and her mother. Their arms were wrapped in ways unhuman. Their eyes as white as the mucus pouring from their extremities. The blood seemed to form a lake around the agents’ feet. Kane’s teeth grinded as the array of reds flooded his mind. Luckily, out of the corner of his eye, he caught glimpse of several colors beaming past him. As his head turned to meet what he saw, the figure took form in the shape of a butterfly. At that moment, all images of red faded, and only the pinks and blues of the butterfly remained. His heart rate picked up as he stormed toward the Zone Seven Headquarters leaving the scene he saw behind. In this moment all he could and wanted to remember was their smiles at the café. That’s all his mind would let him see.
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2021.12.06 15:29 EEE_Koter Reward boosts

Reward boosts
How to get these and when do you get these?
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2021.12.06 15:29 turbocomppro ELI5: so we found this square rock thing on the moon. Why can’t we point the Hubble telescope to see what it is? It can see other galaxies, surely it can see something much closer and clearer. Why can’t we?

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2021.12.06 15:29 P1uvo 13 years ago today, history was made

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2021.12.06 15:29 carolmskonig I really miss the original gossip girl storyline, the reboot makes me tired.

Gossip girl is about teens who have money and don’t care about nothing, this new plot line of the reboot telling how they are aware of their privileges etc., I don’t know, I tried so much to like it but in the end I couldn’t. I think it would be nicer if the reboot kept the same spirit of the original one… there are even books of cecily von Ziegesar to look for inspiration e.g. Gossip Girl: The Carlyles
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2021.12.06 15:29 OldMan3212 Snoring Backside, We All Have One........

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2021.12.06 15:29 Abrokenhero #AEXI [Lagan Valley and Mournes] Abrokenhero begins her campaign with a speech in Lisburn

#AEXI [Lagan Valley and Mournes] Abrokenhero begins her campaign with a speech in Lisburn Why is it, we are always asked to accept the norm, accept the way our economy treats the working class like complete rubbish, and accept the idea that profit comes before people?
This should not be the case comrades. Take a look at these apartments here in Lisburn, where the owners will make you shell out hundreds and even thousands just to have a roof over your head for you and your family. Take a look at the businesses which pay their workers horrid wages, make them work in terrible conditions, and all while the highest up live lavish lives and can afford so many luxuries.
Comrades, it doesn’t matter if your co-worker is Catholic or Protestant, or if your boss is Catholic or Protestant because, in the end, we have more in common with each other than we do the bosses, regardless of religious affiliation. My views on the issue of unity and constitution are well known at this point, but that doesn’t matter, because this election is about putting People Before Profit.
People Before Profit is the only party in this election that is proposing fundamentally radical change, and by radical I don’t mean some new social program that hasn’t been implemented, but rather a complete change in our economy, and our government. We believe that a socialist state, achieved through revolution is the best way forward, and we are running in this election so that we can help spread our message and help create the conditions needed for revolution.
So while I can go on and on about our ideal society, let me get into some policies we support to help bring us closer to revolution. For starters, a key plan of People Before Profit is a complete overhaul of how property law is handled in Northern Ireland and how we must treat property in a completely new way. And by a new way, we mean abolishing all private property in Northern Ireland. This change in law will allow us to partake in a mass nationalisation that will ensure that the workers will reap from their work, by moving profit from these businesses into healthcare, public housing, infrastructure, and right back into the worker's pockets, instead of profit going to corporate thieves.
But at the same time, we are not completely opposed to the idea of non-state-run business no. We believe that many businesses will work much better under the framework of a workers co-op, and People Before Profit will work with workers to evaluate which businesses will work better as either state-owned companies or as independent co-ops, to ensure that a new socialist economy shall run as efficiently as possible and that we can produce the best benefits possible for workers.
And to fully ensure the liberation of workers from capital, we must face the banks, who threaten the livelihoods of workers every day through predatory loans. People Before Profit as such proposes a Northern Ireland Credit Union which shall be backed by the Executive as an alternative to private banks. This credit union shall give out loans that do not develop interest until at least a year after they are given out, to ensure workers can actually pay them off, rather than be stuck with debt for years and years.
Comrades, the time for socialism has arrived, and it cannot be stopped. Revolution is on its way, and only together can we finally end this class war, and usher in a new era of prosperity. This election, vote for People Before Profit!
*There are cheers in the crowd as People Before Profit flags are flown in the air, and the Internationale is played from a speaker where Abrokenhero stands.*

Abrokenhero speaking passionately to supporters in Lisburn
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2021.12.06 15:29 CabNoble Boosted Reshiram 6890 4179 3938 adding up to 10!

Please join as soon as you get an invite so I can back out and get more people in. It may take a few minutes to find enough people, be patient! 6890 4179 3938
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